Standard VSD Air Compressor

Standard VSD Air Compressor

Working Pressure :

7.5 -13 [ bar ] 109 – 189 [ psig ]

Free Air Delivery :

14 – 2630 [ cfm ] 0.40 – 74.49 [ m3/min ]

Working Power :

5.5 – 400 [ kw ] 7.5 – 550 [ hp ]

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Standard VSD Air Compressor Advantages :

DENAIR VSD (Variable Speed Drive) rotary screw air compressors are suitable for customers who require different amounts of air supply and very accurate pressure. This can make things easier customers to optimize production processes and increase productivity.
The principle of VSD is to regulate the motor rotation speed automatically according to actual air requirements. Reducing system pressure lowers the total energy consumption of the entire system, thus can reduce energy costs by 35% or more.

VSD air compressor reduces energy consumption through the following points:

    1. Eliminates the low efficiency transformation process from full loading to unloading
    2. Avoid electricity during the loading and unloading process
    3. Keep pipe pressure drop below 0.1bar
    4. Reduces average working pressure
    5. Lowers system pressure to reduce system leaks
    6. The soft start method improves current balance and avoids current surges

Standard VSD Air Compressor Technical Parameters :

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