4-IN-1 Air Compressor

Advanced High Efficiency Air End

Flexible Coupling Direct Drive​

Intelligent Microcomputer Control System

Safe, Reliable and Efficient Motor

Unique Heat Removal & Cooling System2



Ultra-low frequency speed
control technology far
surpasses standard VSD
compressor systems.
Capable of lower than 15Hz
operation, this system is
truly capable of constant
variable pressure operation
and significant energy


USoft-start feature allows
for little or no impact on the
power supply system and
marginalises mechanical
wear and tear up on start-up
Leakage is always present
in any air system. At full
pressure a good system can
loose 0.2Mpa. Zerlion VSD
machines can reduce that
loss by up to 25% simply by
supplying the air pressure
that is required.


Advanced Vector variable
frequency control reduces
vibration and noise. The unit
can be used without the
requirement for a special
room. This means saving
of all resources required to
install a machine in an
external location such as
pipe and power lines and
land. Oil exhaust output is
lower than 3ppm thus
negating enviromantal


Utilising frequency control
for the cooling fan and
drive motor allows for up to
30% energy savings. This
translates into less frequent
servicing of the screw
compressor thus further
significant savings are
achieved over the life of the


Intelligent Control System

Direct display of discharge temperature and pressure, operating requency, current, power, operating state. Real time monitoring of discharge temperature and pressure, current, frequency fluctuations.

The Latest Generation High Efficiency Permanent Motor

Insulation grade F, protective grade IP55, suitable for the bad working conditions. No gearbox design, motor and main rotor through the coupling directly connected, high transmission efficiency. Wide range of speed regulation, high precision, wide range of air flow regulation.

The Latest Generation Super Stable Inverter

Constant pressure air supply, air supply pressure is accurately controlled within 0.01Mpa. Constant temperature air supply, general constant temperature set at 85oC make the best oil lubrication effect and avoid high temperature to stop.

Wide Working Frequency Range To Save Energy

Frequency conversion ranges from 5% to 100%. When the user s gas fluctuation is large, the more obvious energy saving effect and the lower the low-frequency running noise, applicable to any place.

Small Start-up Impact

Use frequency conversion permanent magnet motor, start smooth and soft.When the motor starts, the current does not exceed the rated current, which does not affect the power grid and the mechanical wear of the main engine,
greatly reduces the power failure and prolongs the service life of the main screw machine.

Low Noise

The inverter is a soft start device, the start-up impact very small, noise will be very low when start-up. At the same
time, PM VSD compressor running frequency is less than the fixed speed compressor during stable
operation, mechanical noise decreases very much.


More Energy Efficient​

More Stable

More Efficient​

More Comfortable

More Compact

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