Fixed Speed Screw Air Compressor

1. Advanced High Efficiency Air End

2. Flexible Coupling Direct Drive

3. Intelligent Microcomputer Control System

4. Safe, Reliable and Efficient Motor

5. Unique Heat Removal & Cooling System2. Flexible Coupling Direct Drive



Ultra-low frequency speed control technology far surpasses standard VSD compressor systems. Capable of lower than 15Hz operation, this system is truly capable of constant variable pressure operation and significant energy saving.


USoft-start feature allows for little or no impact on the power supply system and marginalises mechanical wear and tear up on start-up Leakage is always present in any air system. At full pressure a good system can loose 0.2Mpa. Zerlion VSD machines can reduce that loss by up to 25% simply by supplying the air pressure that is required.


Advanced Vector variable frequency control reduces vibration and noise. The unit can be used without the requirement for a special room. This means saving of all resources required to install a machine in an external location such as pipe and power lines and land. Oil exhaust output is lower than 3ppm thus negating enviromantal impact.


Utilising frequency control for the cooling fan and drive motor allows for up to 30% energy savings. This translates into less frequent servicing of the screw compressor thus further significant savings are achieved over the life of the machine.


1. Two-stage compression reduces the compression ratio of each stage, reduces internal leakage, improves volumetric efficiency, reduces bearing load, and increases the life of the air end.

2. Two-stage PM VSD replaces single-stage compression, and the displacement is increased by nearly 15%, which can achieve an additional 15% energy saving effect.

3. The rotor adopts the latest patented rotor UV profile, which has been refined by more than 20 procedures to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and effectiveness of the rotor profile.

4. Two-stage PM VSD air compressor mainframe is more efficient and more energy-saving. It can save up to 40% energy compared with ordinary industrial frequency machines. Calculated at 8000h/unit/year, it can save electricity costs 30,000 USD per year.


1. More Energy Efficient

Two-stage PM VSD rotor is directly driven through the gears, and each stage of the rotor can obtain the best speed. The Air end is always running at the best energy-saving speed. The frequency conversion soft-start reduces the energy consumption of the air compressor during startup. By controlling the pressure between stages, the compressor always works at the best efficiency point under different working conditions. Compared with single-stage fixed speed air compressor, in principle, two-stage PM VSD air compressor can save 40% energy.

2. More Stable

There is no mechanical transmission failure, the motor, and the male rotor adopt an integrated shaft structure, and there is no need for coupling and gear transmission, eliminating the hidden danger of coupling and gear failure.

3. More Efficient

PM VSD motor+ no transmission efficiency loss. PM VSD motor has the advantages of energy-saving and excellent performance. The one-piece structure can reduce the efficiency loss of coupling and gear.

4. More Comfortable

Low noise and low vibration. No motor and bearing noise, no gear noise, no coupling noise.

5. More Compact

The PM VSD motor is small in size, and the integrated structure saves space.

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